Comparativa CADprofi HVAC & Piping – CP-Symbols HVAC & Piping

HVAC & Piping

HVAC & Piping

 Library of general piping symbols Yes Yes
 Library of industrial installations symbols Yes Yes
 Library of radiators and objects Yes Yes
 Library of ventilation symbols Yes Yes
 Flowcharts and diagrams Yes Yes
 Multilingual user interface Yes Yes
 Creating bill of materials and describing symbols Yes Yes
 Free updates for one year – subscription Yes Yes
 Data management and enchanced specification creator Yes
 Advanced schematics and diagrams editor Yes
 Designing P&ID technological processes Yes
 Drawing isometry Yes
 Multisymbols Yes
 Cross symbols Yes
 Drawing schematic lines (one or multi lines) Yes
 Designing with the use of Parametrical Technology Yes
 Automatic design thanks to „One-click” technology Yes
 Drawing piping and ventilation ducts Yes
 Automatic connections Yes
 You can add additional libraries and databases on your own Yes
 Tools for full description and projects detailing Yes
 Additional edition commands Yes
 Access to the manufacturers libraries Yes
 Additional modules for better coordination between branches

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