Tipos de licencias


DST offers three licensing options for its products. There are some differences between commercial and educational licensing and even between some of the commercial products. These situations will all be described.

The licensing options are:

    • Node locked – The software is licensed on a single, specifically identified computer, and can only run on that computer. When a node locked DST product is installed on a computer, some specific information is gathered which allows that particular computer to be uniquely identified. This information is called a fingerprint which is sent to DST, during the activation process and a unique license is generated that works only with that fingerprint. If the software needs to be moved to another computer the license can be revoked from the computer where it is installed which frees the license and allows the DST product to be installed and activated on a new computer. Since this type of license only allows use on a single computer, it is typically the lowest cost.

      Summary: Node locked licenses are locked to a specific computer and can only be moved through the process of revocation and reactivation.

  • Dongle locked – The software is locked to a hardware lock, a “dongle”, which is plugged into a USB port. The software can be loaded on any number of computers, but will only run on the computer that has the dongle attached. Since this type of license provides more flexibility and therefore more value, it is typically more costly than the node locked license.
  • Network or Floating – The license (or multiple licenses) reside on a central server called a license server. The product software is installed on client computers and when the product software is started, it “checks out” a license from the license server. When the product software is terminated on the client, the license is “checked in” and is available for another client to use.

    Since this type of license has the greatest amount of flexibility it is typically the most costly.

Commercial Products

DST’s commercial products, Working Model 2D, Dynamic Designer Motion, and SimWise 4D offer all three types of licensing with one exception. Working Model 2D only support dongle and network licenses.

Educational Products

DST’s educational products also offer all three license types but with some small differences compared to the commercial products:

  • All single user copies are available with node locked or dongle locked licensing, but not with network licensing.
  • Multi-user packages can be configured with node locked or network licensing. The cost is the same for both options and the option must be selected at the time of purchase.

Click here to view a document that has more information about educational licensing.


The table below summarizes the licensing options:

Product Node locked Dongle locked Network
Commercial Products
Working Model 2D X X
Dynamic Designer Motion X X X
SimWise 4D X X X
Educational Products
Interactive Physics Single/Multi User Single User Multi User
Working Model 2D Single/Multi User Single User Multi User
Dynamic Designer Motion Single User
SimWise 4D Single/Multi User Single User Multi User

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